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High West Invite

Themed Event Invitation

High WeST

November 2021  |  Partners & Napier

I had the privilege of working at Partners and Napier, a design agency located in Rochester, NY.  While there, I worked mainly on their beverages team - specifically High West Whiskey. 

I Loved this job. I truly felt blessed to go to work every day - and while most of the projects I worked on were company-facing designs or unable to go into my public portfolio, I am particularly proud of this piece. 

High West Whiskey hosted a Masquerade Ball to celebrate the annual release of Midwinters Night Dram - a well loved but and limited release whiskey. 

Honestly, I am obsessed with this rustic, antique and baroque -inspired invitation and I hope you love it as well. 

Themed Event Invitation
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