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HWD Amazon Tiles

Amazon E-commerce Tiles

High WeST Amazon Tiles

2022 - 2023  |  Partners & Napier

In this initial series of projects, I ventured into the realm of design under strict brand guidelines, an endeavor that would significantly shape my creative journey. Among these projects, my exploration of e-commerce design was particularly enlightening. It was during this phase that I delved into the intricate art of crafting Amazon Tiles, a task that unveiled an entirely new dimension of infographic design that I had previously overlooked and underestimated.

While some of the Amazon Tiles, such as the brand introduction and review tiles, were preexisting, I eagerly took on the role of their revitalization and introduced fresh designs to complement the existing set. The process not only demonstrated my commitment to honoring brand consistency but also showcased my ability to breathe new life into established visual elements. These projects marked a pivotal moment in my design career, underscoring the significance of meticulous adherence to brand guidelines and kindling a profound appreciation for the art of infographics that has since become an integral part of my creative repertoire.

Amazon E-commerce Tiles
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