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Brooke Collins











Identity Design



          Our daily lives are infused with thousands of little things that come together to create an entire world to interact with. These items are often insignificant on their own, lost from our focus by the next thing we pick up. I want to discover new ways to interact with these things uniquely. What objects or mediums can I repurpose, and how does that affect its interaction with the world? Do my creative endeavors add value to the object? 

        My work focuses on concepts of identity and interaction, as I seek to examine the social and psychological investments humans make into the representation of personal, product, or corporate identity. I explore these concepts in relation to how a connection can then be fostered between design and viewer. I position my projects to push the boundaries of what’s possible while investigating the interactions, both of technology meeting physical mediums and finished pieces interacting with the world. 

         I find it fascinating to watch people stumble from item to item in the supermarket. They hold lists of generic groceries in their hands, standing in front of the metal shelves. How does mayonnaise, crackers, and shampoo become Helmen’s Mayonnaise, Ritz Crackers, and Pantene Shampoo? How does the aesthetics of the packaging, the identity and brand behind the product influence their decision to reach for these items? Every aspect of our life is manipulated by the identities of the entities around us, both inanimate objects and fellow humans. Our perception of their value is tied intrinsically to these notions. This is one of the largest reasons I like to explore Identity designs, and their interactions with the environment. 

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Katrine, Goshen Acres

I have had the professional pleasure of working with brooke on redesigning my whole bath and body product line.  From building the website to marketing and rebranding with new labels.  Brooke was amazing at getting my themes and thoughts down into a virtual format that fully represents what I want to bring to my web page.  She was very professional and took charge making the process and decisions so easy and stress-free for me.  She is very pleasant, responsible, and always ready to get things done and she doesn’t stop until it meets her every expectation.    I highly recommend her!


Phil, Northern Sons

Brooke is wonderful to work with, always willing to go the extra mile to bring my thoughts to reality. I am not an entirely creative person, but she always seems to understand what I want and will work with me until it's perfect. Highly recommend her for your business. 


ERIN, Sposa Bella

  I have to say I could not have chosen a better designer when I chose Brooke.  Her remarkable artistic abilities are astonishing, bringing life to our  Facebook, Instagram, and  Website, or creating opulent and extravagant window and shop displays. All of which is done with Brooke's attention to detail. 

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